Márkomeannu is an outdoor festival. If you want to stay in the festival area, you're welsome to stay at Márkomeannu's camp area. Bring your own lávvu or tent. The bonus: Short way to where it happens. It is free to stay in the camp, and toilets and water is in the area. Márkomeannu is selling firewood. Remember to use the dustbins Márkomeannu put out.

It is not allowed to bring dogs to the festival area.

The festival camp is in the middle of the hill up to Gállogieddi. It is rumored about the good atmosphere in the festival camp, and there's a big chance to meet both experienced festival enthusiasts and new friends from all over Sápmi.

The family camp is in the middle of the hill up to Gállogieddi, on the opposite side of the road from the festival camp. Here are calmer surroundings, and the camp is suitable for families, and for those who wish peace and quiet when they are going to sleep after the exciting festival days.

The volunteer camp is a brand new camp where Márkomeannu provides lávvu's (Sami tents) with reindeerskin for accommodation for volunteers. The only thing you have to bring, is the sleeping bag. You can come alone or with someone, either way we will make sure you have a good time, and the opportunity to get to know other volunteers. It is a limited number of places. You can order a spot when you apply to be a volunteer.


If you wish to come with a motorhome or a caravan to Márkomeannu, there is an own camp/parking down by the "fylkesvei / countyroad" a few hundres metres from the ordinairy parking. There is no access to electrity, toilets or water here. The camping / parking is free.


There are no opportunities for shelter close by to the festival are. The nearest accomodations are:

Tjeldsundbrua Kro & Hotell, 23 km from Gállogieddi
Evenes Fjordhotell, 16 km from Gállogieddi
Tjeldsundbrua camping, 24 from Gállogieddi
Sandtorgholmen Hotel, 35 km from Gállogieddi
Bjerkvik Hotell, 44 km from Gállogieddi
Harstad, 50 km from Gállogieddi
Elvegård hytteutleie og fiskeferie, 51 km from Gállogieddi


Márkomeannu wants to offer both traditional and modern Sami food at the festival. The festival has a special focus on food from the marka sami area.

In the Boaššu we sell both warm and cold food, coffee, tea and water. There will be vegetarian alternatives. 

In the bar area we sell beer, wine and cider. In 2015 Márkomeannu launched a brand new Márkomeannu beer in partnership with the local brewery Skavli Brygghus. In the bar area there is an age limit of 18 year, and it is in a separate fenced area.

It is not allowed to bring your own drinks up to Gállogieddi. Sacks and bags will be checked by the entrance. Violation of the rules can result in expulsion from the festival. Neither sacks or bags will be checked before you enter the camp area.

Opening hours in Boaššu
Thursday: 17.00–20.00
Friday: 10.00–02.45
Saturday: 10.00–02.45
Sunday 10.00–13.00

Opening hours in the bar
Friday: 17.00–01.45
Saturday: 17.00–01.45


You can use both credit cards and cash in Márkomeannu's stores, but it is not possible to withdraw cash. Cash is reccommended when you shop at the festival market.


There is shower opportunities at Lavangseidet grendehus, 4 km from Gállogieddi. Shower is free. Márkomeannu has arranged transport to the shower friday and saturday. Transport is free, and goes from the ticket sale down by the road. You make arrangements with the driver for when you wish to be transported back to the festival area. 

Friday: 10.00–18.00
Saturday: 10.00–18.00

Friday: 12.00
Saturday: 12.00 and 15.00


We reccommend wheelchair users to bring a companion to the festival. The area is hilly, and it can be challenging for wheelchair users. If wheelchair users wish to drive up the hill to Gállogieddi with your own car, you have to have a driving permit. Contact Márkomeannu at to arrange it. Parking at Gállogieddi is not allowed.

Márkomeannu accepts companion certificate. Valid companion certificate must be shown in the ticket sales.