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Márkomeannu is a Sami festival taking place in the Sami villages of Ofoten and the southern part of Troms in Northern Norway, at the end of July every year.

Translated into english Márkomeannu means ”hustle and bustle in the village”.

The festival has a clear Sami profile; it is aiming to promote the culture of the Sami villages, but at the same time als o promote culture from all the Sami areas. Márkomeannu wishes to form the identity of people at all ages, however, it addresses especially young people. During the years the festival has become an important event, also symbolically, for local young people, by showing that Sami culture can be valuable.

Márkomeannu is taking place for the 16th time in 2015. Until 2007 the festival was arranged by the youth organization Stuornjárgga Sámenuorak, but from this year and on there is an own festival organization, Márkomeannu Searvi, that arranges the festival. With 2000 visitors in 2012 Márkomeannu has established itself at a solid level.

The festival lasts for five days, and contains events like exhibitions, seminars, a historical/archeological walk, a story night, workshops for both children and adults, a short film program, a special performance, games and competitions from the Sami villages, a market, children’s theatre, book launchings and concerts. In 2007 a brand new concert stage opened, and for the first time there was outdoor concerts two days in a row. As a concert stage Márkomeannu wishes to be a merger of professional musicians and young, less known artists.

Earlier, established artists like Mari Boine, Niko Valkeapää, Wimme Saari, Adjágas and Inga Juuso have played at Márkomeannu, and the well known Sami photographer Per Heimly has been Exhibitor of the year.

The festival area
Márkomeannu’s main festival area is Gállogieddi outdoor museum in Evenes. Gállogieddi is an abandoned Sami sedentary farm, that has been renovated in to a museum. It is located underneath the mountainside, and has got a great view over the Sami villages nearby. Parts of the festival will also take place in Skånland.

Márkomeannu 2015 takes place from 23rd to 25th of July.

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23rd–25th of July