Work as a volunteer on Márkomeannu, and join us making a festival where we have it just as cool as the audience. You work for at least 10 hours, and get free access to the festival, t-shirt, food and drink while you work, and the oppurtunity to stay at Márkomeannu's volunteer camp!

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Ticket Sales
When pumped up festival goers arrive, ticket sales is their very first stop. The job here is to help the guests trade in prepaid tickets, or to sell them a festival bracelet. Ticket sales opens Friday morning and is open as long as the festival is open to the public.

Info and Accreditation
This is the festival’s office. Inform inquiring visitors where they can buy wood or find the nearest water, and be the person who meets Márkomeannu’s artists, volunteers and guests who can enter without paying. Info and accreditation is open from 9:00am to 9:00pm Friday and Saturday.

Food, Drink and Merchandise
At the festival, you need great food, drinks, merchandise (and wood). Make sure the festival guests can buy whatever they need! Food, drink and common retail items are sold in Boaššu. In the festival booth, t-shirts, other Márkomeannu merchandise and vouchers for firewood are sold.

Hosting and Security
The hosts’ main duty is to make sure that the audience has a nice and safe festival experience. Hosts are needed at entrances, in the parking lot, in front of the backstage and in the camping area. For most of these postings, you must be over 18.

Environment and Recycling
Márkomeannu is a green festival that minimizes its footprint on the environment and climate, and this year we intend to sort all waste. Help festival guests sort their waste properly and contribute to Márkomeannu 2016 being a model of sustainability.

Logistics and Transport
At the festival, there’s a lot to be transported here and there. We need good drivers for transportation and delivery of artists, guests, baggage and goods. This is a good post to have, as guests are seldom as grateful as when their baggage is carried up the “public health hills” to the campsite. You must have a driver’s license.

At Márkomeannu, one of the most important things is that children have an unforgettable festival experience. If you want to contribute to this, you can help the Mánáidmeannu or Nuoraidmeannu staff carry out activities. This work takes place during the day on Friday and Saturday.

As a photographer, you can capture magical moments from the festival to everyone’s delight. Do you have experience with photography or are you a talented photographer? Try your hand as a festival photographer! With this post, you can really see the festival’s big and small moments while you’re on duty.

So that you, the staff and everyone else who is volunteering at the festival has a good time over the course of the festival, we need someone who works with well-being! As “well-being host”, you’ll give out coffee, chocolate and food to those who are on duty or run the volunteer lounge and make sure there’s food there.